Animal Rescue Profile: Zoe’s Animal Rescue Society

As this page is all about animal rescue, I want to profile an animal rescue organization every month.  This month’s rescue organization is one that is very near and dear to my heart, Zoe’s Animal Rescue Society.


Zoe’s is a shelterless animal rescue that is based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  When animals arrive in their care, the animals are placed in loving foster homes where the foster families get the animals prepared for their new life.  While in foster care, they receive medical care (which does include spay and neutering as animals will not be adopted out otherwise) and any behavioural support they may need.  Along with adoption, Zoe’s focuses on a Spay and Neuter Return Program, working with people and animals in marginalized communities, education, and their commitment to Force Free handling.

One reason I love this organization is because this who we adopted our most recent, Dolly, through.


Zoe’s works hard to ensure a 3% return rate of their animals.  Yes, their adoption screening is very thorough (and for some people, apparently too thorough).  I have met some wonderful and people through Zoe’s and have become friends with Dolly’s former foster mom.

If you are interested in helping out Zoe’s:

Click HERE to adopt

Click HERE to volunteer

Click HERE to foster

Click HERE to donate (even $10 will make a difference)

Click HERE to Like and Follow them on Facebook

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