Surrendering Your Animal

In an ideal world, all animals would have loving and caring homes that will be willing and able to take of them of their entire lives.  This is sadly not the case in the real world.  People surrender and abandon animals all the time and the reasons why vary.


As someone who volunteers with an animal rescue organization, I see all kinds of reasons why we have to take animals in.

As much as I want to sit here and say that there is never a legitimate reason to every surrender your animal, that’s both incredibly short sighted and not empathetic to what people may be going through.

When someone is surrendering their animal due to drastic changes in their life (such as fleeing domestic violence, loss of financial stability, moving to where they can not have their animal, not being able to afford medical costs of the animal and loss of home), it’s heartbreaking.  You feel for those people.  They do not want to say goodbye to their family member but have no choice.  All you want to do is let them know that their animal will be loved and cared for to whoever their new family is.  Those are the people who will at least reach out to animal rescue organizations to find a proper home for their animal.

Then there are people who get rid of their animals and just don’t care.  They no longer want their animal (the ones where the animal is 10 years or older are the most heartbreaking).  They are no longer “cute” because they didn’t stay a puppy (imagine that).  The animal became destructive because people did not want to do the responsible thing and train them.  The animal became aggressive because they were never trained.  The animal no longer served a purpose (such as puppy mill survivors who can no longer produce puppies).  Their animal became pregnant because the owners were not responsible enough to spay their female animals.  These are NEVER good reasons for abandoning your animal (and if you think otherwise feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll tell you why you are wrong).

If you are going to surrender your animal, please do NOT give them away or sell them online. No one who actually cares about their animals would ever just give them away to someone they don’t know and have done no screening on who they are.  Want to know what happens when you sell or give away your animals online?  THIS .

If you are in a situation where you actually need to surrender your animal, please contact a legitimate rescue organization.  They can help.  Know that if you drop them off at a shelter, not all shelters are created equal.


There are shelters that will euthanize animals to help reduce overcrowding.  As sad and awful as that is, it happens.  Please be aware of that and read a shelter’s policies.  Also, a lot of animals do not thrive and will shut down completely in shelters compared to going to a foster home environment.  It’s basically like being in jail for a lot of animals.  Would you thrive and be your best self in that environment?  I think not.

If you are not sure where to turn, drop me a comment and I will help you out the best I possibly can.

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