Animal Rescue Profile: Farm Animal Rescue and Rehoming Movement (FARRM)

This month’s animal rescue profile is FARRM.


They are an organization that not only rescues dogs and cats, they are an animal sanctuary that rescues abused farm animals.  FARRM was established in 2013 in response to a number of unwanted Potbelly pigs.  Since then, they have rescued and found new homes for hundreds of animal including goats, sheep, horses, cows, rabbits and chickens.  They believe that all animals lives have meaning and purpose and promote a vegan lifestyle. Their Mission Statement can be viewed HERE.

Recently, FARRM made national and even international headlines when one of their animals, Daisy, a blind goat with severe anxiety, was taken from their sanctuary. Thankfully, Daisy was safely returned after many pleas from the owners of FARRM and she was reunited with her best friend, Merlin the blind sheep.

Please note: FARRM was sadly accused of faking Daisy’s dissaperance and the person who runs FARRM was harshly criticized for offering a $10,000 reward. First, Daisy was stolen as she was found warm and dry on the side of the road after days of pouring rain. She also makes a loud screaming noise when her name is called so it’s impossible that she was “hidden” on their property in order to solicit donations. As for the award, Melissa, was willing to put up her own money and go into debt to find Daisy. Why? Because she’s family.

Even though they will be closing for the winter, FARRM does offer opportunities to take a tour and meet the animals.  Information for tours can be found HERE.

Interested in learning more and how you can help, here’s how:

Click HERE to adopt

Click HERE to sponsor an animal

Click HERE to donate

Click HERE to purchase items for FARRM & animal art (if available)

Click HERE to volunteer

Click HERE to view and attend any special events they are hosting

Click HERE to follow them on Facebook

I have to add that they are one of my favourite social media accounts to follow. Not only do they take amazing photos of all their animals, the captions of some of the photos have made me laugh so hard a few times that I actually have cried. They are an account that no matter how your day is going, you can go there it will bring a smile to your face an automatically brighten your day.

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