Introducing: Max

Today I would like to introduce everyone to my dog Max.  But this is no normal introduction.  As all my dogs have unique personalities, I thought I would showcase them in a fun way.  So please enjoy what I think Max’s online dating profile would look like.

Name: Max Somerset


Nicknames: Maxy, Maximus, Maxy Moo, Moops, Mooples, Booboo, Squish, Squishy Bishy, Skeesh

Age: 8

Breed: French Bulldog/Boston Terrier AKA. Frenchton

Body Type: Squishy

Likes: Food, barking at everything and everyone, getting treats, making weird noises while trying to get a blanket, sleeping, eating, being warm, sunshine, summer weather, walks (but only when it’s not too hot or too cold), Grandma, going to the farm back in Shauanvon, sticking my butt too close to fireplace, digging up carrots from Grandma’s garden, being grumpy, sometimes going to daycare, being smug AF.


Dislikes: Every other dog, people we walk by, people who walk by the house, people who drive by the house, any motion outside the house, bunnies in the neighbourhood, my arch nemesis the one eyed Shar Pei in the neighbourhood, getting baths, being cold, being in the car for too long, waking up, wearing booties and a jacket in winter, not having food in my bowl, my sister stepping on me, the fireplace not being on, mom telling me to stop putting my butt toward the fireplace, people farting (especially if I’m laying on them, so gross), waiting for food, going to the vet, the vet having to put a muzzle on me because I nip.


Favourite Food: All of them

Ideal Saturday Night: Eating supper right at 5pm, sitting on daddy’s lap, laying in front of the fireplace a little too close, getting too hot, going outside, getting a treat and going to bed around 10pm.


Goals In Life: Bark at all the dogs, bark at all the random strangers, pee on all the trees and eat all the treats, run really fast for a short time.

Puppies: None that I’m aware of. Sorry ladies, that ship has sailed as I have been fixed. Plus, as if I want to deal with that and share my attention and treats with puppies.

Adoptive Satus: Taken. Mom and dad adopted me from Alberta Bulldog Rescue six years ago.

Interested in seeing more of Max? Follow me on Instagram @fortheloveofanimalrescue

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