Animal Rescue Profile: Humane Animal Rescue Team (HART)

This month’s animal rescue profile is the Humane Animal Rescue Team (HART).


HART was established back in 2003 by a group of dog lovers who wanted to make a difference in the lives of animals in need.  HART is a shelterless, volunteer run organization that rescue stray, abandoned and unwanted dogs in and around rural Edmonton.  They place dogs in loving foster homes and ensure that they receive the medical and behavioural attention they need before they are available for adoption.  HART also provides programs that promote responsible pet ownership and advocate for cruelty against animals.  HART also promotes spay and neuter initiatives that help reduce the number of unwanted litters.

With winter fast approaching, HART is in desperate need of foster homes.  Without foster homes, they can’t take in animals who will not survive the harsh winter conditions.  If you are interested in fostering with HART, please click HERE.  If you want more information about fostering, please read my post called Fostering an Animal: What You Need to Know.

If you are interested in helping out HART, here are the ways you can do so:

Click HERE to Adopt

Click HERE to Donate (even $10 makes a difference and with the holidays coming up, donating in someone’s name is a wonderful gift)

Click HERE to Shop

Click HERE to Like them on Facebook

Click HERE to Follow them on Instagram

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