Introducing: Freckles

Today I would like to introduce everyone to my dog, Freckles.  Like I did for Max, I want to show case Freckles is a fun way.  Please enjoy what I think her dating profile would look like.

Name: Freckles Somerset


Nicknames: Frecky, Frecky Becky, Freckles Freckleson, Freckles McBeckles, Princess, Teeny Houdini, Stinker, Stinker Stinkerson, Stinky Binky, Binkers, Baby, Baby Girl

Age: 6

Breed: Red Boston Terrier

Body Type: Tiny, fierce and adorable


Likes: Licking everything I possibly can, licking daddy obsessively, licking my sister’s face constantly, rubbing my bum on daddy, crawling into bed with mommy in the morning and falling asleep on her, snoring, waking up at 7am and wanting everyone else to get up but going back to bed after everyone is up, daycare, getting dressed up in my multiple sweaters, going for walks and getting to wear my fancy winter jacket, wearing bandanas, being picked up and carried around, going to the farm back in Shauanvon, playing with toys (but only on my own and will stop if mom or dad try to play with me), being warm, laying by the fireplace, not respecting anyone’s personal space, getting treats, going for car rides, when mommy lets me out of my crate in the morning, getting fed apples and spinach from mommy in the morning, biting my brother in the face when he barks.

Dislikes: my brother barking, mommy telling me to stop biting my brother in the face because he’s barking, bunnies, LOUD NOISES, people getting excited, when mommy leaves, my brother being on the pet pillow at night when I want to be on it, the fireplace not being on, winter, being cold, getting baths.


Favourite Food: All of them

Ideal Saturday Night: Eating supper right at 5pm, licking my sister’s face until mommy tells me to stop, going upstairs to lay on my blanket on the pet pillow in mommy and daddy’s bedroom, going outside, getting a treat and going to bed around 10pm.


Goals In Life: Lick ever single person I ever meet and finally get one of those pesky bunnies in the neighbourhood.

Puppies: Been there and done that.  Before I came to live with mommy and daddy, the mean people who I first lived with made me have puppies and then took them from me and sold them. I had my first litter at six months old. By the time I was two, I had four litters of puppies.  Thankfully, mommy and daddy made sure that I could no longer have any puppies as it was so hard on my little body and I didn’t want to be a mom anymore.

Adoptive Status: Taken.  Mommy and daddy adopted me from Barrhead Animal Rescue Society three years ago.

Interested in seeing more of Freckles?  Follow me on Instagram @fortheloveofanimalrescue

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