Introducing: Dolly

Today I would like to introduce everyone to my dog, Dolly.  It was a year ago this week that we welcomed her into our family.

Dolly is no ordinary dog.  Dolly was rescued from the illegal meat trade in Thailand a couple of years ago thanks to Soi Dog.  Without them, she was destined to be tortured and brutally slaughtered.  She was brought over to Canada as part of a partnership with Soi Dog and Zoe’s Animal Rescue Society where she was placed in a loving foster home while she discovered what it meant to be loved and safe.

For the first couple days with us, she hid under the desk in our office and shook.  Any time Max or Freckles would bark (which tends to be a lot), she would run and hide.  I honestly was worried that it might not work.  Then, one night she decided to come out of the office.  I was sitting on the couch and she jumped up on he couch and sat next to me.  It was then, I knew she felt safe with us.

When I finally decided I was safe here.

Today, Dolly is a happy girl who’s loving life and I want to show case her in a really fun way.  Please enjoy what I believe her online dating profile would look like:

Name: Dolly Tusef Somerset (Tusef means safe in Thai)

I now love to sit on the seat and look out at the world in the vehicle.

Nicknames: Dollars, Dolly Dollarson, Dollar Store, Dolla Dolla Bill Y’all, Dollaroo, Dollarama, Dolly Molly, Dollar Mollers, Moller, Molleroo, Sweet Doll, Baby Doll, Love Dove, Lover Doveroo

Age: 8

Breed: Akita, Brittany Spaniel and Chow Chow

I love getting dressed up in my Rayna Collars.

Body Type: Loveable, squishy and itchy

Image 2018-01-01 at 3.16 PM
Do you have any toast?

Likes: Sleeping, eating, going for walks, licking myself, chewing my nails, being needy for love when no one’s petting me, running (I’m even going to be getting someone to run with me soon), allowing my sneaky tongue to pop out, laying my head on pillows, sitting in corners, sitting in the dark on the stairs, jumping up on the bed if daddy’s already up but mommy’s still in bed, getting licked in the face by my sister, shoving my face into my sister’s face so she’ll lick me, daycare, wearing my Rayna Collar and bandanas, stealing socks and licking them (I’m just starting to figure out toys and what to do with them), the farm back in Shaunavon, getting toast from grandma and grandpa (even though I  should not be having any due to my allergies), chewing on my The Woofery Antler chew, chasing bunnies, flooping.

Image 2018-01-01 at 3.35 PM
Mommy put my boots on for a walk and I decided to floop.

Dislikes: Getting baths (I have some PTSD from Thailand regarding water), being itchy, mommy telling me to stop licking, being cold (I love Canada, I just don’t like the winters), going to the vet, having to wear booties in the winter, mornings, LOUD NOISES.

Image 2018-01-01 at 3.29 PM
Mornings are hard.

Favourite Food: I really love things I’m not supposed to have such as chicken, beef and toast (which grandma and grandma love to share with me).  I do really enjoy my kangaroo food and love kangaroo crisps the mommy gives me.

Ideal Saturday Night: Eating supper at 5pm, sitting on the couch and demanding pets from mommy or flooping in front of daddy, going for a short walk (because I still do not pee in the backyard), getting a treat and going to bed.

Goals In Life: Continue to learn how to be a dog, avoid baths, hide in all the corners and floop as much as possible in a very dramatic fashion.

Puppies: I’ve had 12 litters over the years while living in Thailand.  I never really had a chance to be a mommy as they were ripped away from me by some very awful people.  Thankfully, the wonderful people at Soi Dog made sure I could not longer have any more.   I’m much happier and healthier now since being spayed.

Adoptive Status: Mommy and daddy officially adopted me one year ago this week.  I love my mommy, daddy, brother and sister.  They work to give me the life I truly deserve and I’m quite spoiled here.

Interested in seeing more of Dolly?  Then follow me on Instagram at @fortheloveofanimalrescue .

Have a dog that you want me to feature?  Drop me a comment below.

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