Animal Rescue Profile: ARTS Senior Animal Rescue

This month’s animal rescue profile is ARTS Senior Animal Rescue.


ARTS Senior Animal Rescue is dedicated to helping senior animals in need. They focus primarily on dogs 8 years and older and cats 10 years and older. They are a shelterless organization who relies on fosters to care for the animals until their forever home is found.

One of the many great aspects of fostering a senior animal is that you do not have to deal with everything that comes with training a puppy or a kitten. These are animals who often have been abandoned, suffered abuse or neglect or in some cases, have lost their caregiver. The love of a senior animal is like no other. They just want to feel loved and to love you back in return. If you are interested in fostering a senior, click HERE.

Here are the other ways you can help out ARTS Senior Animal Rescue:

Click HERE to adopt

Click HERE to donate (including donating your used car you no longer want)

Click HERE to volunteer

Click HERE to Like them on Facebook (also where they post their events)

Click HERE to Follow them on Twitter

Click HERE to Follow them on Instagram

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