Happy Tails – Scooter

For today’s Happy Tails feature, I interviewed Lindsey so she can talk all about her adorable dog, Scooter.

Please introduce readers to your dog(s). What is their name, breed (or best guess) and age?

Scooter is a Beagle-Corgi mix (Beagi) and he is 3 ½ years old. His birthday is Nov. 30th.

That face!

When did you adopt Scooter?

July 23, 2016

Such a happy boy.

Where did you adopt Scooter from?

Scooter came from Alabama Chained Rescue Dogs (http://www.alabamachaineddogs.org/) in Alabaster, AL. They’re a wonderful organization that builds kennels for dogs who are chained up outside so they no longer have to be chained up or they try to find homes for those dogs. I was told from the rescue that Scooter was with a family who had a situation that forced them to make Scooter an outside dog so the rescue stepped in and tried to find him a home.

Being the perfect model.

Why did you choose to adopt?

My fiancé and I LOVE dogs. We were constantly talking about dogs and talking about wanting to get a dog. I am always looking on the Facebook pages of local rescues to see what dogs are available for adoption (and I still do because I wish I could afford to adopt them all!) and we’d constantly talk about going to the shelters to look at a dog to possibly adopt. We both love corgis so I started looking at rescues and shelters for corgis up for adoption. The breed didn’t really matter but it was very important to me that we adopt. I believe there are so many dogs out there who need a home so it’s my personal belief to adopt and pay the adoption fee that will help other homeless pets at that organization rather than pay a fee to a breeder. I don’t judge those who do go to a breeder but it’s my personal belief that adopting rather than shopping is the best option. Shelter dogs need us! Anyway, so one day I was looking on the website rescueme.org and I selected corgis just to see if there were any corgi rescue organizations near me but there were no corgis or corgi mixes in Louisiana so I expanded to other states out of curiosity. Then I got to Alabama’s list of corgis and when I saw his picture I instantly knew he was our dog. I can’t really explain it. I just had this overwhelming feeling that he was meant to be ours. I showed his picture to my fiancé and he felt the same. We didn’t really have a conversation to discuss what this would mean, really. It was just “Look at this dog!” and that turned into “How do we get him?” I contacted the rescue that posted about him and then two weeks later he was transported to our home in New Orleans.

Patriotic AF

What was the biggest challenge you faced after you adopted Scooter?

Hmmm, I’m not sure about this being a challenge- He is an escape artist, and slipped away from the person who brought him to us but luckily we caught him and he was safe. To be honest, there weren’t any challenges per se. He fit in perfectly with us… but he’s still an escape artist.

Does Scooter have any funny nick names?

Scooter goes by “Scoots” “Mr. Scoots” “Scooter Pooter” and “Scoots McGoots”.

So cool

What is Scooter’s favourite toy?

Scooter loves his nylabones, tennis balls, and a “bob-a-lot” which is an interactive treat dispensing toy because he’s a little treat monster. He also loves his rubber chicken that is REALLY LOUD when squeezed. It’s so annoying, basically a dog’s version of an air horn but he loves it so we tolerate it.

What is Scooter’s favourite treat?

Scooter doesn’t discriminate when it comes to food. He’ll eat anything but he especially loves jerky and carrots. And he tries to eat the cat’s poop too.

Where does Scooter sleep at night?

Scooter sleeps in his kennel. He loves his kennel.

Sleepy little boy.

What’s been the best part of adopting Scooter?

I’d have to say how much he’s brought joy to our lives. Not a day goes by where we don’t laugh at something silly he’s done. He’s so smart and so funny and so very loveable. He loves people so much.

What a goof!

Please share any funny stories you have about Scooter.

I have many but here are a few: One weekend we boarded scooter- (he loves our local Camp Bow Wow in Mid-City, New Orleans and they LOVE him too so we never have to worry about letting him stay overnight)- You can watch the dogs play during the day on their webcam. We noticed on that particular day that he wandered into a room alone and went to the bathroom in the middle of the floor. Keep in mind that he is house trained and well behaved at home- no accidents! We were crying laughing so hard from seeing him do that and then he just walked back to join the rest of the dogs in the other room as if nothing happened. Scooter loves the water (except bath time!) and loves to swim. There are bone-shaped pools for the dogs at the park we go to and he loves jumping in and getting wet and then finding dirt to roll around and make mud. He also likes human-sized pools! We have a friend who has a pool that Scooter decided to jump in recently but since he’s bottom heavy, he sinks a little. I think not being able to touch the bottom freaked him out a little and I had to pull him out of the pool. It doesn’t stop him though. He loves the water.  Scooter also loves our clothes. Doesn’t matter what article of clothing. He will take clothes out of my laundry basket and then run with it under our bed and just lay on them. And anytime he gets the “zoomies”, it’s so funny to watch him.

Hello world!

What would you tell someone who is thinking of adopting an animal?

DO IT! I try to convince those who don’t have pets to adopt all the time. It’s such a rewarding experience to gain another member of your family while also helping an animal in need. If there is a specific breed you like, consider doing what I did and find a breed specific rescue. There are rescues for almost any breed you can think of. If your hesitation is because you don’t want a mix breed, there are plenty of purebred homeless pets too. If you can’t afford to adopt right now, consider fostering an animal in need. If you can’t foster, consider volunteering to a local rescue. If you can’t volunteer, consider donating money, gift cards, toys, old towels, etc. If you can’t afford to donate, find a local rescue or shelter and share their posts on social media. Any action can make a difference in saving an animal’s life.

He has the most kissable face!

Do you have a social media account that people can follow?

I am Lindsey and you can follow me on Instagram at @leminohp and Scooter is @scootermintz he also has a Facebook page you can find by searching his name Scooter Mintz.

The happy family.

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