Happy Tails – Ruby

For Today’s Happy Tails feature, I interview Ruby’s mom and learn all about this adorable girl.

Please introduce readers to your dog(s). What is their name, breed (or best guess) and age?

Ruby is a 65 pound mixed breed that I affectionately call an ‘Alberta Special’. Her adoption papers list her as a collie cross, but as a little puppy she resembled a husky. I did have her DNA tested and it came back as a mix of St Bernard, German Shorthaired Pointer, Rottweiler, Doberman, German Shephard, and Rat Terrier. She just turned 2 this past June!

That nose!

When did you adopt Ruby?

I brought Ruby home on August 20th, 2016, but I actually met her July 30! She was only 6 weeks old so I had to wait until she was 10 weeks to bring her home.

Baby Ruby

Where did you adopt Ruby from?

I adopted Ruby through SCARS. She was from a litter of 6 who’s mom died when they were 3 weeks old, so the lovely team at SCARS took them in. Their mom plus a bunch of dogs in the vicinity had died from Distemper, so they were in quarantine for a bit but all were fine. Fun fact, she actually goes to the same daycare as one of her brothers!

Why did you choose to adopt?

I knew I wanted a dog, I wasn’t super choosy about the breed. I started to research dog adoption and different agencies and it just seemed like such a good thing.

What was the biggest challenge you faced after you adopted Ruby?

She was (and still is) an escape artist extraordinaire! I had it in my mind that during my short days at work she could stay in her pen with a bed and pee pad. Ya, she figured out how to crawl out of there within a day. I put a top on it, lattice held down with 10 bungee cords, she got threw there. So I started using zipties, and it took 69 total to keep her in. When she was stuck in there she would move the pen around the house until she got stuck behind some furniture. I also got a 5 foot tall baby gate and left her there for 10 minutes to see what would happen, and somehow she opened the latch.

Does Ruby have any funny nick names?

Ruby Roo, Ruberino, Princess, Boo Boo, RuRu.

Ready for a night time walk (or a rave).

What is Ruby’s favourite toy?

Her bacon flavoured Benebone! She’s on her second one. She also has a peanut butter one but bacon is life.

What is Ruby’s favourite treat?

She is not picky by any means, but she loves Chicken. She goes crazy when it’s on the BBQ rotisserie.

Where does Ruby sleep at night?

Typically she sleeps on my bed, but she is a super bed hog. She also has a dog bed in my room she sometimes go to if she’s too hot.

What’s been the best part of adopting Ruby?

She’s taught be a lot of patience, but mostly she’s given me someone to look forward to seeing everyday. There is nothing better than coming home from work and having her greet me with kisses and a wagging tail.

Please share any funny stories you have about Ruby.

She loves to jump on tables. She exclusively hangs out on tables at her daycare, and loves to sit on mine outside and stare at the neighbours. We’ve been out for walks and people have said ‘oh I know you! I’ve seen you on the table!’

Who needs a chair when you have a table?

She also likes stealing food, specifically from her grandparents (easy targets). We were having cake one day and Ruby was sitting in front of her grandpa, being super cute. Then she made eye contact, stood up with her tail wagging like mad, then swiftly stole the cherry off the top of his cake. It was definitely pre-meditated.

What would you tell someone who is thinking of adopting an animal?

That it’s probably going to be more work than they imagine, but it is so worth it. And don’t give up when it gets hard! Ruby went through some tough phases during her teenage months, and I felt like a failure as a dog mom. But luckily I had lots of support and we were able to work through it. Now seeing her back to her sweet and confident self it was all worth it.

Do you have a social media account that people can follow?

On Instagram: @missrubyruu

It’s hard work being this adorable.

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