Happy Tails – Angel and Lacey

Today’s Happy Tails feature is one of my favourite accounts on Instagram, Angel and Lacey. I had a opportunity to interview their lovely mom, Kiana to find out more about them.

Please introduce readers to your dogs. What are their names, breeds (or best guess) and ages?

Angel is a German Shepherd and is 7 years old. Lacey is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and is 6 years old.

The most fashionable girls I know.

When did you adopt Angel and Lacey?

I adopted Lacey on October 30th, and Angel November 20th, 2017.

Just a little cuddle time together.

Where did you adopt Angel and Lacey from?

Lacey I found through a Global Pet Foods I was working at. A lady retired her from breeding and had no use for her anymore. Angel I adopted from WHARF (20/10 don’t recommend).

Why did you choose to adopt?

I love seeing their progression and knew my life style at the time needed an older dog and I wanted one that needed me. I have the time, patience and love that the harder cases need. The harder I have to work to gain their trust the better I feel when they finally trust me. Why not give an older dog the best life ever especially if they didn’t have the best life in the beginning?

Living the life she deserves.

What was the biggest challenge you faced after you adopted Angel and Lacey?

For Angel, a lot of her problems stemmed from never being handled and never trusting anyone. Being a Shepherd they have their “person” and the transition from being the person who took her from her “person” to becoming her “person” was a challenge due to the bond she had with her foster mom who first showed her love; though she was only in foster care for two weeks the bond was very prominent.  She is naturally very head strong, prefers to do her own thing and test the limits, so training was difficult at first. I was only able to take her for 15 minute walks because of how atrophied and emancipated she was but her body still had the Shepherd energy. Slowly through more walks and bonding time her resource guarding and stubbornness melted away as we bonded and now we are inseparable. If I go somewhere she expects to go with and not to mention how well she does taking care of her three younger sisters.

Walk time with mom.

For Lacey, her biggest challenge and still to this day is how timid she is being handled. When I got her you could barely touch her let alone comfort her for about three months. She much prefers dog over human companionship and I doubt that will ever change. Just recently this past month she has started to trust more and is getting used to being pet and even going as far as asking for pets from me (it makes me cry of happiness every time)! Another struggle is her not being able to hear. That with her mix of not wanting to be handled makes training a bit challenging but she mostly follows Angels lead which is super helpful at off leash parks.

The happy family.

Do Angel and Lacey have any funny nick names?

Angel’s are Angel Baby and fun police. Lacey’s are squish, squishy, smush, lace.

How could you not love this face?

What is Angel and Lacey’s favourite toy?

Neither of the girls have shown a liking to toys (try as I might) we often end up donating them or giving them away. Angel will take a toy and go and put it in her bed and come prancing back like “look mom I did it” so I can’t help but praise her because of how proud she is!

What are Angel and Lacey’s favourite treats?

They absolutely love the cookies with carob icing and dehydrated beef liver from Muttmunch.

Where does Angel and Lacey sleep at night?

Depending on the temperature depends where they sleep. If it’s hot they will come hang out in my room for a bit but then go and sleep by the AC unit to stay cool (well Angel will and Lacey follows) but most often they will sleep together on their bed in my room. sometimes I can convince them to sleep with me on my bed; I cherish the moments they do.

What’s been the best part of adopting Angel and Lacey?

The best part would be seeing their progression and they undying love for each other and myself grow. The smallest things like Angel facing fears for me (because different floors can be so scary but to get to mom she will do almost anything) or Lacey finally letting more people pet her make my heart melt!

This sweet little face!

Please share any funny stories you have about Angel and Lacey.

Lacey really likes to embarrass me. We were walking down Whyte Avenue and she decided she really needed to go, like right now, so in the middle of the cross walk… you can guess the rest. Angel will act up when she wants attention so the most embarrassing things she does is pretend not to know basic commands so when she finally does them, the praise is better. She is one smart cookie.

What would you tell someone who is thinking of adopting an animal?

“Borrow” your friends dogs for an afternoon, see the good, bad, and ugly. They are going to make mistakes and are going to get on your nerves but you have to see the bad parts to really enjoy the good parts. If you have a weak stomach you have to think about if the dog has an accident in their kennel… and then rolls in it… that mess doesn’t clean itself! (True story and how I have a stomach of steel now). Also make sure you are ready for the financial responsibility to properly vaccinate your dog for your area. Also, fit the dog to YOUR lifestyle. Not the other way around, think about energy level and how much time or money you are willing to spend to keep them properly exercised; that is half the battle with “trouble” dog. No matter what all shapes and sizes will still give you unconditional love and you can give them the best life! Yes, a puppy is nice but they are so much work. I’m not even sure I could take on a puppy at this point in time!

Such a pretty girl.

Do you have a social media account that people can follow?

Instagram: @angelandlacey  and @ _kiana09

Such happy girls.


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