Happy Tails – Link and Deku

This week’s Happy Tails feature is Link and Deku. I interviewed their mom to find out everything about these two adorable dogs.

Please introduce readers to your dogs. What is their names, breeds (or best guess) and ages?

My boy’s names are Link and Deku! They are both around a year and a half old. Link is apparenlty half Chihuahua half Staffy (not sure how that happened, lol) and Deku half Chihuahua half Dachund.

A whole lot of cute.

When did you adopt Link and Deku?

We adopted Link in November of 2017 and Deku in Febuary of 2018

Where did you adopt Link and Deku from?

They both came from a rescue based out of Saskatchewan called Adopt a Paw Pet Haven and were rescued from a high kill shelter in California. We met the rescue organization at Edmonton airport and took it from there. Adopt a Paw actually has a ‘foster to adopt’ program which is one of the main reasons we went through them! They are also much smaller than other rescues, great at communicating, and organizing transport for animals.

Why did you choose to adopt?

My husband and I actually have the same opinion on Dogs/animals as we do children. There are so many lives that need a good home, why would we support creating MORE when there are so many already? Adopting is the solution to a lot of those problems. It just made sense to us. Both of our parents have rescued dogs in the past too, so maybe it’s something we learned from them.

Do you think I’m cute? The answer is, yes!

What was the biggest challenge you faced after you adopted Link and Deku?

When we had Link, the biggest challenge was actually our own guilt. We felt terrible that he was totally alone all day while we were at work. Shortly after, we adopted Deku, and they are now best friends! After that I think a big challenge was building a relationship between the two. Link definitley felt shunned for a few days and didn’t understand why we had this other random dog in the house. After time with them both they are now completely inseperable! I think the thing we learned is that no dog and no relationship is perfect. You have to put in work and trust and it will all come together in the end.

Best friends for life.

Do Link and Deku have any funny nick names?

Link also goes by Link the stink, Linkerino, Linkers, and Monster Mash. Deku also goes by Dex, Dekkers, and ‘guard dog’.

What are Link and Deku’s favourite toys?

Link LOVES ducks. Anything that resembles a duck he is obsessed with. We also have these mini soft footballs he constantly brings us to throw and he has destroyed a good few of those lol. Deku doesn’t really play too much with toys, but he LOVES bones and also his brother Link. When we first got him he really didn’t know how to ‘dog’ and Link has taught him a lot.

What are Link and Deku’s favourite treats?

Fresh pigs ears for sure! We recently got some from Sandy View Farms out in Spruce Grove and they are obsessed. They also love these spinach sticks we get from Walmart, and raw carrots.

Where do Link and Deku sleep at night?

Typically on mine or my husband’s head, haha.

What’s been the best part of adopting Link and Deku?

Coming home to a little family member that is always happy to see you. No matter how bad a day you might have had they will always cheer you up and give you a good cuddle.

Please share any funny stories you have about Link and Deku.

We were walking in Banff one day this summer and this little kid looked at Link and said “That puppy looks like a piggy!” and my husband and I always remember that because we laughed so hard (it’s kind of true lol). My favourite story about Deku is one time while we were sleeping I heard a thud near the foot of the bed…looked down and saw him rolling around like a lost and confused little bean and he nearly looked drunk. Poor guy must have been having a dream or running because he totally launched himself out of bed.

That face!

What would you tell someone who is thinking of adopting an animal?

Please, please, please consider adopting! It truly is a rewarding thing to see them grow and learn and get over their fears. Deku was terrified of pretty much everything when we got him and he is much more tolerable every day towards new things and experiences.

Do you have a social media account that people can follow?

Yes! You can follow us on Instagram @houndanayeg where I also make dog accessories for my Etsy shop :).

Happy mom and pups.

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