Happy Tails – Bender and Shelby

Today’s Happy Tails feature is another pair of fur siblings, Bender and Shelby. I interviewed their parents, Kyle and April, to find out more about these two sweet dogs.

Please introduce readers to your dogs. What is their names, breeds (or best guess) and ages?

We have two dogs, Bender and Shelby. Bender is 12 years old, Border Collie mix and Shelby is 2 years old, Sheppard/Cattle Dog Mix.

Cuddles beside dad.

When did you adopt Bender and Shelby?

We adopted Bender way back in 2006 when he was just 2 months old.  Shelby is a recent addition to our household, we adopted Shelby in May of this year.

Where did you adopt Bender and Shelby from?

Bender was adopted from the Edmonton Humane Society, Shelby from Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society.

Why did you choose to adopt?

Lots of animals have unfortunate pasts of abuse and/or neglect, to no fault of there own, and end up with out a home. Which breaks our hearts.  We absolutely feel they deserve a loving safe home, although we would love to save them all, we do what we can.  So even if we can only bring one or two into our home its worth it. We lost our girl Echo last year and noticed a difference as Bender wasn’t the same; they were very very close. We knew Bender needed a companion so Shelby was brought in and it has helped him a ton.

What was the biggest challenge you faced after you adopted Bender and Shelby?

Bender was a teeny tiny puppy when we adopted him, so those early years were riddled with a lot of ridiculous puppy antics.  He ate a lot of stuff, the ottoman, non-toxic blue gel from a night light, my most expensive shoes, lights of the Christmas tree, and he even ripped out the battery from our cordless phone, I honestly though he was going to die because of what he ate.  We learned very quickly that we had to kennel train. Although that did not stop him completely.

Shelby was a bit different in that she had a life before us, we don’t what kind of life, but just by observing her we think it was a very tough life.   We had figure each other out, it is different than having a puppy.  Shelby is really scared of new places which makes it challenging to take her anywhere, she is also very uncomfortable around other dogs (but loves Bender for some reason) and very leash aggressive especially towards larger dogs.  We have enlisted a trainer to help us and there is lots of work to do, but we know it takes time and patience.

Such a happy girl.

Do Bender and Shelby have any funny nick names?

Bender has been around a few years and has lots of names, surprisingly he responds to them all.  Mr. B, Beezer, Beezy Wheezy, Mister Bister, Bender Bot, and Monkey, just to name a few.

Shelby right now only has a couple Shel or Shelby Welby.  We are still working on recall, so we are trying not to give her too many nick names.

What are Bender and Shelby’s favourite toys?

Shelby; anything with a squeak. She is very gentle with the toys. She never destroys the toy, she just likes to squeak it.

Bender, hands down, a ball. He loves fetch and even at 12 years old, he has energy for days!

So happy!

What are Bender and Shelby’s favourite treats?

Both love treats; I am not sure they have a favorite, as anytime you say treat or cookie they both just gobble up whatever you have. Bender likes more of a meat treat, as he sometimes just drops biscuits on the floor and walks away.

Where do Bender and Shelby sleep at night?

Bender starts the night in bed with us then migrates to the couch or chair.  Shelby likes to sleep on the floor at the foot of our bed, or the couch/chair. Yes, we let them on the couch and in our bed we would not have it any other way.  I love snuggling with them.

What’s been the best part of adopting Bender and Shelby?

They have taught us so much.  We have learned patience, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, love and much more.   They are always happy to see us and want to spend time with us.  They both bring us so much joy. They definitely show us that the simple things bring the most joy to life.

Please share any funny stories you have about Bender and Shelby.

I really can’t recall any funny stories, but maybe I can share some funny quirks each has.

Bender we call the grumpy senior, I have never met a dog that moans and groans so much.  Plus, he constantly squeaks/whines especially when your petting him, its very bizarre.   He loves to sleep in and you know when he has a satisfying meal as he rubs himself all over our bed or our living room carpet, its quite the spectacle; you can’t laugh or talk, otherwise he stops and stares at you.

Shelby is super sweet, and her personality is just starting to bloom.  She loves dirt.  She likes to dig a giant hole and just hang out in it.  I had to put barricades all around my garden this spring. She also is just learning how to play with toys, she is like a giant cat, she tends to pounce on everything and then take it back to her bed.  If you are looking for a dog toy its most likely in her bed. She also can’t control her back end when she is super excited and almost wiggles so much she falls over.

How can you not love these faces?

What would you tell someone who is thinking of adopting an animal?

I encourage anyone looking for an animal companion to consider adoption.  Adopting can have some challenges but the rewards, love and companionship you get outweigh it all.  Every animal adopted has their own story and a unique personality it gives you an opportunity to learn from each other.  Its truly an amazing thing and you never regret it. There are so many dogs and cats out there that need homes.

Do you have a social media account that people can follow?

People can follow our store Social Media Accounts, Bender and Shelby pop up on there from time to time:


Instagram @theboneandbiscuitgriesbach 

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