How You Can Help FARRM

Recently, an animal sanctuary just outside of Edmonton suffered an absolutely tragic event. FARRM (Farm Animal Rescue and Rehoming Movement) had fire that burned down their barn and tragically lost 11 of their animals.

FARRM has been through so much loss in the past few months including losing a sweet blind lamb by the name of Merlin and recently finding out their goat, Cooper, is quite ill. And now, they are dealing with the aftermath of the fire.

So what can you do to help this amazing organization? Donate. As of right now, FARRM needs all the financial help they can get as they not only need to eventually rebuild, but they need to be able to take care of the animals they currently have in care.

The link to donate directly to them can be found HERE.

Please be aware that this is the only legitimate place to donate to as they are not affiliated with any third party sites such a GoFundMe.

There is no amount too small. Every little bit counts towards helping them get back on their feet as they are needed in the community and do so much good.

So let’s work together in memory of Daisy, Mickey, Bear, Madoxx, Annabelle, Plummley, Missy, Diesel, Hamlet, Mortimer and every feral cat and rabbit lost.

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