Supporting Black Owned Businesses In the Pet Industry: Part One.

George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery. Eric Garner. Philando Castile. Trayvon Martin. And there are so many more.

It’s impossible to ignore to ignore what is going on and has been going on for centuries, and that is Black people are dying from systemic racism.

Now, you may be wondering what this has to do with animal rescue? Why is a page devoted to pets talking about this?

It’s not that hard to look at many industries on social media and see nothing but white dominated accounts, and the pet industry is no different. That needs to change, and I want to help change that.

So, I want to share some amazing Black owned businesses in the pet industry for you to like, follow and financially support:

Ava’s Pet Palace: Owner, Ava Dorsey is such a superstar! At 12 years old (yes, you read that correctly), Ava runs her own organic pet treat company. I can tell you that at that age, I was still playing with Barbies. My dogs are going to be so excited when their treats arrive. @avaspetpalace

The Bark Shoppe: Founder and CEO, Melissa Mitchner, runs a premium pet care facility in New York. She offers daycare, boarding and grooming. Not in NYC? Well, Melissa has variety of really amazing grooming products, t-shirts and Pride Boxes for purchase. Can’t wait for my t-shirt to arrive! @thebarkshoppe

Trill Paws: Owner and Founder, Rachel, offers a variety of adorable and fun pet tags, toys, collars & leashes and stickers (perfect for your laptop). You can even get your pet’s name engraved on the tag. What did I order? You’ll have to wait and see. @trillpaws

Sir Dogwood: Creator and Owner, Chaz, offers high quality and very fashionable dog wear and accessories for your pup. It doesn’t matter if your dog is 10lbs or 130lbs, Sir Dogwood has something that will for the most fashionable dog out there. How cute would Dolly be with a velvet leash? @sirdogwood

Bark First Avenue: Founder and CEO, Deana Evans, believes in seeing pets living their best lives and looking fabulous while doing it. It can be challenge finding fun clothes and accessories for larger breeds, so Deana decided to change that. I’m trying to decide what to get Dolly. @barkfirstavenue

House Dogge: Owner and Designer, Angela Medlin, wanted to find quality and sustainable dog products for her dog, Wubbi, so she created House Dogge. Angela is no stranger to creating top quality products as she is a Former Nike Design Director. I know some people who got a puppy, so I think a new toy would be a good gift. @housedogge

ScotchandTea: Owner and Creator, Khrys Nikole Solano, has been busy making not only collars and bandanas, she has also been making hand made masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. She has also been working hard on making and donating masks to Black Lives Matter protests happening. I think the dogs and I could use some matching masks and bandanas and I’m looking at the ice cream one. @scotch.tea

Homescpe Pets: Owners, Nana and Marcus, created their own hemp & CBD based products after a medical emergency with their dog, Beau. And to ensure quality control, their two adorable pups, Quinn and Minnie test and use all of their products. Does your dog have anxiety like Freckles? Look at some CBD. @homescapepets

BrockNBone: Owner and Creator, Elyssa Jenkins, was inspired by her adorable pup, Cavapoo Brock, to create and make her own line of bandanas as well as matching headbands. I mean, who doesn’t love matching with their pup? I think Freckles and I would look cute in matching accessories. @brocknbone

LeelaRyan: Owner, Vanessa Malzahn, created her own line of vegan dog treats after finding that most treats on the market either smelled like liver factory or were full of junk. Her treats are made form limited ingredients and have no artificial flavours. I know my dogs would likely drool at these. @leelaryan

Smart Bitch Dog Training: Owners, Jio and Taylor, are certified force-free Professional Dog Trainers. Even though they based out of New Orleans, they do offer online training classes. So if you are looking to work with an awesome force-free trainer, check them out! I think I have to look at some training classes for Max and his barking. @smartbitchdogtraining

Stay tuned for Part Two where I feature more amazing Black owned businesses in the pet industry!

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