Happy Tails – Pokie

Today’s Happy Tails feature is Pokie. I interviewed her mom to find out everything about this adorable girl who like Dolly, is also from Thailand.

Please introduce readers to your dog. What is their name, breed (or best guess) and age?

Pocahontas is a Thai Street Dog who is most likely a chow/Sharpei/Asian Dog according to one of her pups DNA tests. She’s guessed to be around almost 7 now although a lot of people assume she’s a puppy on our walks.

Pretty girl!
When did you adopt Pokie?

I adopted her back in March 2017 although we both remained at the shelter until November 2017 but she was living with me the whole time.

Where did you adopt Pokie from?

She’s from the dog project at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiangmai, Thailand.

Why did you choose to adopt?

I don’t think she really gave me a choice honestly. She was this super shy dog that bonded incredibly quick to me and became my little shadow. She was bullied by other members of the pack o there was the worry that if I left she’d end up back downstairs and hiding in a hole all day again. Plus she’s pretty cute!

Sweet girl and her momma.
What was the biggest challenge you faced after you adopted Pokie?

All the fear. People. Dogs. Traffic. Bikes. Kids. If I had anything in my hand when approaching her. At the start she would seem to forget I was on the other end of the leash and suddenly scare herself; everything was pretty scary in that first month especially.

Does Pokie have any funny nick names?

Generally anything off her name like Pokeroo, Pocaroni, Poker Face but Piddle Pants was the number one in Thailand since she used to pee on my bed pretty much every other day.

What is Pokie’s favourite toy?

She’s not a massive fan of toys really but throwing a blanket/towel/tshirt over her normally starts her zoomies and she’ll grab them and run around.

What is Pokie’s favourite treat? 

Anything 100% meat whether it’s boiled chicken or dehydrated liver/pizzle.

Where does Pokie sleep at night?

On my bed as if there was ever any other option!

Sleeping beauty.
What’s been the best part of adopting Pokie?

Seeing her come out of her shell more and more. From her dinner dance to her screaming when I’d get home. She’s definitely my shadow and I wouldn’t change it.

Please share any funny stories about Pokie.
Thai dogs are known for pretty high prey drives. She was off leash at a local lake and we came across a massive flock of about 40 geese which people were taking photos of. Normally Pokie doesn’t bother much with birds, especially geese if there was more than one. Of course, she charged at them and they scattered. She even tried to jump and catch one; she failed but succeeded in ruining all those people’s photos….
What would you tell someone who is thinking of adopting an animal?

I know it gets said a lot but don’t overlook the shy dogs. There’s something about winning their affection and making those small steps of progress that can make you feel on top of the world.

Do you have a social media account that people can follow?
Happy family.


Happy Tails – Link and Deku

This week’s Happy Tails feature is Link and Deku. I interviewed their mom to find out everything about these two adorable dogs.

Please introduce readers to your dogs. What is their names, breeds (or best guess) and ages?

My boy’s names are Link and Deku! They are both around a year and a half old. Link is apparenlty half Chihuahua half Staffy (not sure how that happened, lol) and Deku half Chihuahua half Dachund.

A whole lot of cute.

When did you adopt Link and Deku?

We adopted Link in November of 2017 and Deku in Febuary of 2018

Where did you adopt Link and Deku from?

They both came from a rescue based out of Saskatchewan called Adopt a Paw Pet Haven and were rescued from a high kill shelter in California. We met the rescue organization at Edmonton airport and took it from there. Adopt a Paw actually has a ‘foster to adopt’ program which is one of the main reasons we went through them! They are also much smaller than other rescues, great at communicating, and organizing transport for animals.

Why did you choose to adopt?

My husband and I actually have the same opinion on Dogs/animals as we do children. There are so many lives that need a good home, why would we support creating MORE when there are so many already? Adopting is the solution to a lot of those problems. It just made sense to us. Both of our parents have rescued dogs in the past too, so maybe it’s something we learned from them.

Do you think I’m cute? The answer is, yes!

What was the biggest challenge you faced after you adopted Link and Deku?

When we had Link, the biggest challenge was actually our own guilt. We felt terrible that he was totally alone all day while we were at work. Shortly after, we adopted Deku, and they are now best friends! After that I think a big challenge was building a relationship between the two. Link definitley felt shunned for a few days and didn’t understand why we had this other random dog in the house. After time with them both they are now completely inseperable! I think the thing we learned is that no dog and no relationship is perfect. You have to put in work and trust and it will all come together in the end.

Best friends for life.

Do Link and Deku have any funny nick names?

Link also goes by Link the stink, Linkerino, Linkers, and Monster Mash. Deku also goes by Dex, Dekkers, and ‘guard dog’.

What are Link and Deku’s favourite toys?

Link LOVES ducks. Anything that resembles a duck he is obsessed with. We also have these mini soft footballs he constantly brings us to throw and he has destroyed a good few of those lol. Deku doesn’t really play too much with toys, but he LOVES bones and also his brother Link. When we first got him he really didn’t know how to ‘dog’ and Link has taught him a lot.

What are Link and Deku’s favourite treats?

Fresh pigs ears for sure! We recently got some from Sandy View Farms out in Spruce Grove and they are obsessed. They also love these spinach sticks we get from Walmart, and raw carrots.

Where do Link and Deku sleep at night?

Typically on mine or my husband’s head, haha.

What’s been the best part of adopting Link and Deku?

Coming home to a little family member that is always happy to see you. No matter how bad a day you might have had they will always cheer you up and give you a good cuddle.

Please share any funny stories you have about Link and Deku.

We were walking in Banff one day this summer and this little kid looked at Link and said “That puppy looks like a piggy!” and my husband and I always remember that because we laughed so hard (it’s kind of true lol). My favourite story about Deku is one time while we were sleeping I heard a thud near the foot of the bed…looked down and saw him rolling around like a lost and confused little bean and he nearly looked drunk. Poor guy must have been having a dream or running because he totally launched himself out of bed.

That face!

What would you tell someone who is thinking of adopting an animal?

Please, please, please consider adopting! It truly is a rewarding thing to see them grow and learn and get over their fears. Deku was terrified of pretty much everything when we got him and he is much more tolerable every day towards new things and experiences.

Do you have a social media account that people can follow?

Yes! You can follow us on Instagram @houndanayeg where I also make dog accessories for my Etsy shop :).

Happy mom and pups.

Happy Tails – Ranger

One the best parts of social media has been the ability to meet other pet parents who have adopted. So, I have decided to interview some of these pet parents and ask them all about their fury family members and why adopting an animal is so rewarding.

For today’s Happy Tails feature, I interviewed my friend Erica so she can talk about about her dog, Ranger.

Please introduce readers to your dog(s). What is their name, breed (or best guess) and age?

Ranger is a two year old pitbull mix. We know his mom was a pit because she was also with the rescue where we got him.

Those ears!

When did you adopt Ranger?

In October 2016.

Baby Ranger and mom

Where did you adopt Ranger from?

WAGS Rescue and Referral http://www.wagsrescue.com/

They brought his mother and her puppies up from North Carolina to be adopted out in Pennsylvania. They’d all been found in a field together. Often, conditions in animal rescue are dire in the Southern United States, and many rescues pull pups out of southern shelters to bring them up north.

He’s grown into those ears and wrinkles

Why did you choose to adopt?

It never occurred to my husband and I to do anything else. Together we have three rescue cats. When the time came for us to get a dog, we knew it would be from a rescue. My husband is one of those people whom stray animals are always finding. We are both aware of the immense need for people to foster and adopt abandoned animals. We also both work in social services with humans in need, so it wasn’t a stretch for us to seek out an animal in need.

Cuddles with dad

What was the biggest challenge you faced after you adopted Ranger?

Honestly, it’s that he was a puppy! He was about 12 weeks old when we adopted him. Neither of us had experience with puppies quite that young, and there’s really no way to prepare for the time and patience required. You get less sleep overall, you get up in the middle of the night, you have to diligently take the puppy out, you have to take them out every single time they have an accident in the house to reinforce the housebreaking behavior. The first month or two of puppy ownership was WAY more work than it was reward. I would sigh in relief when I put him in his crate for a few hours or when he fell asleep.

Does Ranger have any funny nick names?

I called him “Small Brown Dog” a lot when he was a puppy. Most of his nicknames now are a play on his real name: “Rangie,” “Range,” “My Range,” “Home on the Range,” “Range of Motion,” “Night Ranger,” etc. I even incorporated him into my Halloween Costume and called it “Ranger Things” (based on Stranger Things).

So goofy!

What is Ranger’s favourite toy?

He doesn’t keep any around long enough for them to become his favorite! He’s what dog toy manufacturers call a “power chewer” because he can destroy anything in record time, even the toys that are meant to be heavy duty. Lately he’s really been loving an antler, probably because he can’t destroy it.

What is Ranger’s favourite treat?

Peanut butter, hands down! He also loves broccoli, which I find so hilarious because as a human, I usually have to force myself to eat it.

Where does Ranger sleep at night?

His choice! He goes through phases. Sometimes it’s always in our bed. Sometimes he starts out in our bed, and then takes himself to his crate or his own bed halfway through the night. I prefer the nights when he stays cuddled up next to me.

What’s been the best part of adopting Ranger?

I wouldn’t know where to start with this because he’s changed my life for the better in so many ways. I actually didn’t even want to get a dog- my husband did. I was always a cat lady who loved dogs, but never had a dog myself. I was afraid that getting a dog would restrict my freedom. And it has- but it’s a joy. That part really surprised me. I don’t mind going home because I WANT to be around my dog. I think about him all day!

Ranger is constant companionship. He’s so smart and sensitive. I love the way we communicate. As a woman, I wouldn’t take walks alone at night, but now that I have a 65 lb pitbull, I have a lot more freedom. When you have a dog, you have to get up and go outside more, even when you might not want to. We love taking him on vacation with us. We love meeting other dogs and dog owners. It is really fun to include him in every aspect of our lives. I just feel better when he’s by my side.

Also because of him, we’ve fostered a few dogs- one a pitbull, and one a pit/ mastiff mix. We stay connected to our local pitbull rescue, Philly Bully Team, and support them however we can- whether it’s giving money, sharing their posts, helping transport, donating, etc. I had always been fond of pitbulls before, but loving Ranger made me pretty fanatical about defending them.

Ranger believes in equality for everyone

Please share any funny stories you have about Ranger.

When he goes to the dog park, he likes to steal the water jugs that people bring to fill the water bowls. Even if they’re full or half full, he will grab a gallon jug of water in his mouth, shake it, spray water everywhere, and run all over the park with it, to everyone’s amusement. I call him “trash dog” when he does that. Once he ran over to a little boy with a destroyed water jug in his mouth, and we heard the kid say “That dog is DISGUSTING.” Hahahaha.

What would you tell someone who is thinking of adopting an animal?

Adopting an animal is a commitment to the animal’s entire lifetime. Be prepared to deal with that and all it entails- medical expenses, behaviour modification, training, etc. It’s not something you should do if you don’t think you are ready to handle that. Fostering before adopting is great, because you can get to know the animal and see if they’re a good fit for your family and lifestyle. When the fit is right, adopting a rescue animal will change your life in ways you can’t even anticipate. Rescue dogs are so rewarding.

Do you have a social media account that people can follow?

No, sorry – but I recommend following @phillybullyteam, @wagsrescuepa, and your local shelter!

The happy family

Animal Rescue Profile: Soi Dog Foundation

This month’s animal rescue profile is the Soi Dog Foundation.


Soi Dog is a cause that is near and dear to my heart.  Based out of Phuket, Thailand, Soi Dog rescues street dogs and cats by providing them with shelter, vaccinations and medical treatment.  A main focus of the work is spaying and neutering as many animals as possible to help reduce the population of unwanted pets in Thailand.

Soi Dog’s most well known work is being advocates for animal welfare and have been one of the biggest forces behind almost eliminating the illegal meat trade of dogs in Thailand.  They continue to work tirelessly on also ending the barbaric slaughtering of dogs for meat in South Korea, Vietnam and China.

They save thousands of dogs destined to be tortured and killed every year in Thailand.  My dog, Dolly, was one of the dogs they saved.  She was living in a box and had a horrific fate awaiting her before Soi Dog rescued her.

Dolly on her way to Canada.
Image 2018-01-17 at 2.31 PM
Dolly now, happy, healthy and loving life.

Soi Dog can’t do the amazing rescue and advocacy work they do without support.  If you are interested in donating to Soi Dog, click HERE.

I will say that when I’m able to, I will adopt another dog from Soi Dog again.  Interested in adopting and how the process works, click HERE.

If you are interested in helping out Soi Dog, here are the ways you can do so:

Click HERE to volunteer at the shelter

Click HERE to be a flight volunteer

Click HERE to purchase Soi Dog Merchandise (I have two tank tops and the 2018 calendar)

Click HERE to donate medical supplies

Click HERE to sponsor an animal

Click HERE to Like them on Facebook

Click HERE to Follow them on Instagram

Image 2018-01-23 at 5.22 PM
When you support and organization like Soi Dog, you help dogs like Dolly get a second chance at life.

Introducing: Dolly

Today I would like to introduce everyone to my dog, Dolly.  It was a year ago this week that we welcomed her into our family.

Dolly is no ordinary dog.  Dolly was rescued from the illegal meat trade in Thailand a couple of years ago thanks to Soi Dog.  Without them, she was destined to be tortured and brutally slaughtered.  She was brought over to Canada as part of a partnership with Soi Dog and Zoe’s Animal Rescue Society where she was placed in a loving foster home while she discovered what it meant to be loved and safe.

For the first couple days with us, she hid under the desk in our office and shook.  Any time Max or Freckles would bark (which tends to be a lot), she would run and hide.  I honestly was worried that it might not work.  Then, one night she decided to come out of the office.  I was sitting on the couch and she jumped up on he couch and sat next to me.  It was then, I knew she felt safe with us.

When I finally decided I was safe here.

Today, Dolly is a happy girl who’s loving life and I want to show case her in a really fun way.  Please enjoy what I believe her online dating profile would look like:

Name: Dolly Tusef Somerset (Tusef means safe in Thai)

I now love to sit on the seat and look out at the world in the vehicle.

Nicknames: Dollars, Dolly Dollarson, Dollar Store, Dolla Dolla Bill Y’all, Dollaroo, Dollarama, Dolly Molly, Dollar Mollers, Moller, Molleroo, Sweet Doll, Baby Doll, Love Dove, Lover Doveroo

Age: 8

Breed: Akita, Brittany Spaniel and Chow Chow

I love getting dressed up in my Rayna Collars.

Body Type: Loveable, squishy and itchy

Image 2018-01-01 at 3.16 PM
Do you have any toast?

Likes: Sleeping, eating, going for walks, licking myself, chewing my nails, being needy for love when no one’s petting me, running (I’m even going to be getting someone to run with me soon), allowing my sneaky tongue to pop out, laying my head on pillows, sitting in corners, sitting in the dark on the stairs, jumping up on the bed if daddy’s already up but mommy’s still in bed, getting licked in the face by my sister, shoving my face into my sister’s face so she’ll lick me, daycare, wearing my Rayna Collar and bandanas, stealing socks and licking them (I’m just starting to figure out toys and what to do with them), the farm back in Shaunavon, getting toast from grandma and grandpa (even though I  should not be having any due to my allergies), chewing on my The Woofery Antler chew, chasing bunnies, flooping.

Image 2018-01-01 at 3.35 PM
Mommy put my boots on for a walk and I decided to floop.

Dislikes: Getting baths (I have some PTSD from Thailand regarding water), being itchy, mommy telling me to stop licking, being cold (I love Canada, I just don’t like the winters), going to the vet, having to wear booties in the winter, mornings, LOUD NOISES.

Image 2018-01-01 at 3.29 PM
Mornings are hard.

Favourite Food: I really love things I’m not supposed to have such as chicken, beef and toast (which grandma and grandma love to share with me).  I do really enjoy my kangaroo food and love kangaroo crisps the mommy gives me.

Ideal Saturday Night: Eating supper at 5pm, sitting on the couch and demanding pets from mommy or flooping in front of daddy, going for a short walk (because I still do not pee in the backyard), getting a treat and going to bed.

Goals In Life: Continue to learn how to be a dog, avoid baths, hide in all the corners and floop as much as possible in a very dramatic fashion.

Puppies: I’ve had 12 litters over the years while living in Thailand.  I never really had a chance to be a mommy as they were ripped away from me by some very awful people.  Thankfully, the wonderful people at Soi Dog made sure I could not longer have any more.   I’m much happier and healthier now since being spayed.

Adoptive Status: Mommy and daddy officially adopted me one year ago this week.  I love my mommy, daddy, brother and sister.  They work to give me the life I truly deserve and I’m quite spoiled here.

Interested in seeing more of Dolly?  Then follow me on Instagram at @fortheloveofanimalrescue .

Have a dog that you want me to feature?  Drop me a comment below.